Process Order


Enter the Shopping Cart products in desired quantities and select Checkout.
The order is completed in 3 steps:
In the first step in choosing the shipping address of order and the shipping method.
In the second step selects the billing address of the order and the manner of payment of the following:

1. Delivery (Cash Only)
2. Credit Card (VISA, Mastercard)
3. PayPal
4. Bank deposit (no credit is always ahead of the mission)

If you want to pay by COD you have in mind that in order to be processed will be no telephone confirmation prior to shipping.
If you pay by credit card, fill in the form that you provide.
If you want to deposit in a bank account, once your order deposit at the bank of your choice the amount of product purchased and send us a photocopy of the deposit or by e-mail at or by fax at 2331091020. The order will be sent only when the money of the deposit appear on our behalf.
In the third step check the accuracy of all data and select the confirmation.

In case the payment is made from a different bank, all costs are borne by the principal (customer)


Shipping Costs(Γενική Ταχυδρομική)


Shipping within Greece:
 Land and island destinations (up to 2Kg)     5,70€   
 Each extra kg  + 1,50
 Cash on delivery  + 2,00
 Saturday Delivery  + 4,00

Bank Accounts


ALPHA BANK GR4901408300830002002012920

PIRAEUS GR2601715960006596136174390

EUROBANK GR0702606830000000200888359