1 Axis Motion Programmable Controller for Servo or Stepper Motor KH-01

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Instruction features
Arbitrary programmable (can achieve a variety of complex operations: positioning control and non-positioning control).
Multiple working status including automatic running state, manual running state, program editing state, parameter setting status.
8-bit digital tube display, manual/ automatic state display, run/ stop state display, step/ count value/ program display, edit program, parameter display, input/ output state display, CP pulse and direction display.
Maximum output frequency
40KHz (especially suitable for controlling subdivision drive).
High output frequency resolution of which is as accurate as 1Hz.
Number of programming
Input points
6 (optical isolation)
Output points
3 (optical isolation)
One continuous displacement range
Lifting speed curve
2 (optimized)
Automatic running function
editable, control the start and stop of automatic running through the panel buttons and the level applied to the terminal
Manual operation function
the position can be adjusted
Parameter setting function
can set the take-off frequency, lifting speed curve, backlash, manual length, manual speed, interrupt jump line number and zero return speed
Program editing function
You can insert and delete the program that can be modified. It has the function of judging the jump line number, data zeroing, the number of statements is too long and ultra-short
Zero return function
automatically return to zero point in both directions
Programming instructions
External operation function
By parameter setting and programming, an external interrupt operation can be performed by adding a switch on the (limit A) A operation and the (limit B) B operation terminal
Power supply