3.0CFM Vacuum Pump

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Βάρος: 13.000 Kg

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3CFM Vacuum pump a basic equipment which uses to seal container to get vacuum space via pumping gas. Applicable to the area in maintenance of refrigeration, printing machinery, vacuum packaging, gas analysis, hot forming industry and other extraction operation, also can be used as the backing pump for all kinds of high vacuum equipment.
Large filter for high efficiency
Low noise and long service life
Pole screws for fixing the motor
Non-slip handle for easy carrying
Inlet with cover for preventing oil spillage
Oil viewing window for observeing oil level
The black metal base for using more steady
Lightweight and heavy duty aluminum construction for handy and durability
Efficiently remove moisture and air from air conditioning systems
Designed to prevent oil from flowing back and polluting the container and tubes 
Pumping rate
1/3 HP
Oil capacity
250 ml
280 x 110 x 215 mm
Scope of application
Medical Appliances, Printing Machinery, Vacuum Packing, Cold-Producting Maintenance, Gas-Analysis And/Or Hot-Forming Plastic, The Fore-Stroke Pumps Of All Kinds Of High-Vacuum Equipments 
Package Includes       
1 x Vacuum Pump(without oil)
1 x English Users Manual


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