Inverter 1.5KW with PWM control

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•V / F control, vector control and output torque control.
•Built-in RS-485 communication interface
•With speed potentiometer and external control panel.
•Built-in sync control and proportional sync control.
•6 speed control modes, can run automatically.
•Can select multiple running commands or frequency channels.
•Can allow a part or all buttons to be locked (analogue potentiometer)
•Relays normally open or closed and have two high-configuration outputs
•100 kinds of options optional.
•6 digital optoisolated inputs, 100 different options optional.
•3 analogue inputs, 1 analogue output channel
•With textile pendulum frequency function, it can be far.
•Applications for textile machines.
•Built-in custom timer/counter
•Built-in PID control function to facilitate the realization of
•Regulates temperature, pressure and voltage.
•At zero rotation speed, 0-100% of the adjustable torque can be output at zero speed.
•Brake function

Rated voltage (optional)
1-phase 220V to 3-phase 220V
3-phase 380V to 3-phase 380V
Output power (optional)
0.75 / 1.5 / 2.2 kW
Nominal current
9.6 A.
Control method
Current vector
Output voltage control mode
PWM control
110 x 85 x 142 mm / 4.3 x 3.3 x 5.6 inches.
Approximate weight
1000-1042 g / 35.3-36.7 oz
Inverter Basic Setup
Συμβατά Spindles:
Air-Cooled Motor Spindle 1.5KW ER11
Water-Cooled Motor Spindle 1.5KW ER16
Water-Cooled Motor Spindle 1.5KW ER11 Match for ATC


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