Mini Lathe Parting Tool Cut Off 10mm & HSS Blade for Emco Unimat 10mm

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High quality aluminum
Set includes: 
1x Tool Post
1x 3/8" boring holder
1x 1/2" capacity cut-off blade holder
2x 1/4-3/8" turning & facing holders
2x Mounting bolts (M8 & M10)
• The use of multiple toolholders form an artificial tool magazine, can repeat  replace toolholder.
• Using the dial, each tool holder can be rotated multiple angle of 9 ° or 9 °, operations with extension units, can be processed various angles workpiece.
• Toolholder for the adjusting screw nut and tool, adjust installation height , easy to operate, shortening the time loaded knife.
• Each changing  tools only takes a few seconds.
• Replace the tool holder high positioning accuracy, reset accuracy within 0.01mm range, the surface quality of machined parts, precision improved.
• The Tool Post, high stability processing.