5 Axis CNC LV8727 Stepper Motor Driver Board 4A 1MHz

Κωδικός προϊόντος: 12-0437

Βάρος: 0.500 Kg

€ 144,80

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• New type of dual polarity constant current chopper technology
• With fan interface
• With limit switch interface
• Main axis relay output
• With automatic half flow function
• The input pulse frequency maximum up to 1M KHZ
• Support 8 kinds of subdivision choice, the highest support 128  segmentation
• With high speed photoelectric coupler and isolated DC/DC power
• With 0.6A, 1.2A, 1.8A, 2.4A, 3.0A, 3.6A, 4.2A, 4.8 A(peak) 8  section adjustable current function
• The standard parallel port interface, support MACH2 MACH3,  KCAM4 series software, etc
• Flexible configuration, convenient and simple using the  interface board and drive board 12 - 36 VDC power supply, and  can be Shared or independent power supply 5v