CNC CAT-Blade (used)

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Floor-standing engraving and milling CNC Router machine (professional)
Working Area
750mm x 630mm (Length x Width x Height)
T-slot Aluminum Table.
Water-Cooled Motor Spindle 2.2KW.
Inverter for the 2.2Kw Spindle Controlling from 1000 to 24000 RPM
Collet Type: ER20 
Motors and drivers
DC Step Motors and Drives (or Servo Motors and Drives Option)
Transmission and sliding
Ball screw transmission on X, Y & Z axis (low backlash)
Full supported square rails with linear bearings (heavy stress) 
Electronics Cabinet
Metal electronics cabinet. The cabinet is embedded on the basis of the CNC machine, with ventilation system and filters. Sealing standard IP64
Speed Movement
≥4000mm/min Rapids Speeds
Cutting and Engraving Speed
The speed movement is 4m/min. However, the speed depends on the design, the material and the desirable quality. So, the cutting and engraving speed is a variable and non-calculable rate.
Dust and scrap collection system
Dust and scrap collection system, with passive height adjustment (extendable).
98% suction rate.
Semi automatic tool changing procedure.
Tool length sensor (tool probe), which is an automatic tool measuring system.
Cable Management
Drag Chain (X & Y axes)
Machine Protection
The mechanical parts, which are lubricated, are sufficiently covered and remote from the cutting surface, to prevent the deterioration caused by scraps and dust, which stick on them during the lubrication.
Automatic Tool Change System (ATC) Ready
Mach 3(Greek version available, without extra charge)
Machine dimensions
~1200mm x 1000mm x 1450mm
1 Year
4th Axis Ready
4th-5th Axis Read
Extra Choices
● 4th axis
● 4th-5th axis
● Mist System 
● Automatic Tool Changing (ATC) system
CE certified 
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