300W DC Air Cooled Spindle with ATC system

Product code: 14-0345

Weight: 1.700 Kg

€ 499,00

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Tool changer with 300W DC Spindle motor from 24 to 54V from 2000 to 12000RPM
The tool sits in a SK15 tool holder (in a ER11 collet). It is held with spring force in the cone.
A pneumatic cylinder  presses the tool holder out of the cone.
Case Material
Aluminum, hard-anodized (Aluminum Alloy:7075)
Spindle material
Stainless steel
Ball bearings
Double (Hybrid-Ceramic-bearnngs on request)
0.01 mm 
1.6 Kg
Tensile force of the spring 
25 Kg
Operating pressure
8 bar
with 52mm mount
Diameter of tool changer
1 pneumatic connector for 6mm Tubing
Uses SK15 Toolholders for ER11 Collets (1-8mm)

Delivery Content: 
Tool changer with 300W DC Spindle
The tool holder is not included. 
To operate the tool changer you will need 1 Electro-pneumatic valves 3 / 2 to control the air for switching and for the blow-out.