Aluminium Industrial Profile 25x25 Slot 6 100mm

Product code: 20-0002

Weight: 0.055 Kg

€ 0,80

Price per meter: €8,00
VAT is not included (24%)

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The price is for 100mm long bar. You can specify the cut dimensions according to your needs during checkout.
 25mm x 25mm
 Slot width
 Weather resistance
 Mass  Volume
 0,55kg/m  2,12cm2
 Ix  Iy
 1,39cm4  1,39cm4
 Wx  Wy
 1,11cm3  1,11cm3
 Material  Alloy
 Aluminum  6060
The aluminium profiles fit perfectly with additional hardware such as connectors, hammer screws or cross-connect
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