Cable Drag Chain 25x77 R90 1000mm

Κωδικός προϊόντος: 12-0416

Βάρος: 0.000 Kg

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This type of drag chain is suitable for use in reciprocating motion of the occasion and is able to built in cables, tubes, water pipes etc. It provides easy instalation and repair, free movement with low noise and high speed movement. It is widely used as component and service parts  in cnc machine tools, electronic equipment, laser equipments, counting devices, electrical machines etc.
 Internal Size
 25 x 57mm / 0.98" x 2.2" (H*W)
 External Size
 36 x 73mm / 1.4" x 2.8" (H*W)
 Total Length
 102cm / 40"
 Net Weight